Behind the veil the truth hides not it is we who cloak the truth from sight,

we have heard its call seen its light but our “ignorance” thought it not right.

Through dirtied lens we see the world and try to understand its hidden signs,

not until the eyes you see with become your own will your soul be your paradigm.

There is no shadow nor is there light for they are the same born from love and fear,

In the end we are driven by passion the force that makes all things clear.



With a sudden burst I became aware of the world that I call home,

could it be that in the end it is my mind that my weary feet roam?

I sat in peace as the sermon began my voice became my teacher,

and in awe I sat clinging to every word like the choir before a preacher.

What shocked the most is that the lesson was already in my mind,

and that throughout the world this solemn truth hides within mankind.

In every faith in every creed and in all inspired art,

shines the epiphany that from birth hides in all our hearts.

Fate or Faith

The roll of the dice the birth of a child the death of a soldier wife,

a stroke of luck the will of fate what really controls all life?

Are we the authors and illustrators of all that has transpired,

or is free will just an illusion a figment made from our desires?

-Andrew Senior

Ripples of Fate

The fire within me has started to roar with rage like the sun,

and within my mind and core I know the war has begun.

This is not the first time war has challenged my mettle

upon this blood soaked terrain the score I’ll settle.

I’ve lost many allies to this endless fray,

but I swear on this heart you shall pay.

Prepare yourself for the bitter end for on your heels it looms.

Within this heart you pierced long ago escapes your doom.

And know that your name no longer matter hear,

I’ll strike you down you cur named fear.







What is it that this cage holds in?

The source of joy, the nest of sin?

Its chains hold tight never to release,

its retched poison flows never to cease.

But in the stillness of the night

we sometimes feel its warmth and light.

It radiates with truth and grace

and we pray it never dissipates.

For from its core seeps hope and might,

we search for it for it is our right.

Those who know the secret are few,

but we know what we were born to do.

The future we all hope to see

is that secret light finally set free.

Shattered Divinity

I gazed into the ocean and saw an awesome army,

men with different faces camped within one body.

This mind was once like adamant now broken into shards,

thoughts sprinkled with beauty now broken and charred.

I stood before the image awed the entity,

till strike by revelation, this deity was me.


Many who seek it shall never find

that gentle treasure so divine.

It is not something to be touched

although many treat it as such.

Every sound, smell, sight and sensation

can often hide its true location.

The more you search the more you run

its like your chasing the setting sun.

You stand shocked by those who watch its descent

and as they gaze you swell with deep resent.

And while you curse and call hem fools

within their heart its peace that rules.

For they know when day turns to night

That in the darkness there is still light.

For even when eclipse brings doom

The inner light shines like the moon.

New Light?

Through the jungle and through the maze

there peeks a light through the haze.

The thorns are gone there is no more blood

the rain has washed off all the mud.

I step on to the peaceful plain

I thank god that I am still sane.

As I bask in the suns warm light

a large shadow comes into sight.

Although I cannot see its form

I revel in the peace before the storm.


-Andrew Senior


I stand between these cross roads spanning far and wide,

Their path is rough and jagged just like soul I hide.

Not sure of my place in this world I keep my soul quite safe,

disguised from savage fangs it hides in steel and lace.

The wind blows north the waves roll south and the Sun floats in the west,

I’ll take my soul into the east in solitary rest.


-Andrew Senior


The eyes of fate are blind to me they fail to see my destiny,

Am I what I choose to be be or am I bound in slavery?

My thoughts are hidden behind thick haze I’ve lost my heart within his maze,

My thoughts run deep like an abyss separated from hopes sweet kiss.

I’ll sail this dry and endless sea out of this labyrinth called “me”.


-Andrew Senior