A large majority of my friends are Christians and many of them are from different denominations. Although they belong to the same religion they often debate about the teachings of the faith claiming that the beliefs of their denomination are correct and all others are misinterpreting the teachings of Christ.

I admittedly took part of these debates usually not taking sides (mostly because I had by then decided to relieve myself of all denominations) but expressing what I believed the Bible teaches to its followers. One day while taking part in a particularly heated debate a thought crossed my mind. “If there is such confusion and division within the worlds largest religion how can we expect the World to be united?”. After much deliberation I came to the conclusion that religion was the cause for many if not all of the worlds problems from poverty to war, after all Christianity which is seen as one of the most peaceful religions has the blood of countless lives on its hands.

It was then that I decided to search for the truth of Christianity and ultimately religion and the human mind. The search has changed my life in many ways and opened my mind to things that have shocked and strengthened me. I am far from the truth that I am seeking but I am hoping that the strength I have gained so far will fuel me to new wisdom.


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