Everyone is searching for that one thing to make their life perfect, many believe that they already know what it is that they need to “complete” their lives when in reality it is not what they need but simply what they desire. Now there are some people who actually have come to realize their purpose and these people are not just successful but are more importantly able to live peacefully and contently with their success. They have no holes in their lives that they continually have to fill with substances that destroy their minds and bodies.

As I look around at the world that I live in I see many people who seem discontented with their lives and many have even come to hate themselves for not being able to achieve “success”. Many of these people seek to perfect themselves by joining a religion thinking that it will fill the bottomless hole within their hearts. Because of this there are many who join a faith like Christianity not with the intention of understanding the religion or bettering themselves but to simply try to gain what they believe will bring them happiness. It is my belief that these people are the cause for self destructive and oppressive condition of some of the churches today, for when they gain influence in their religion they spread their beliefs attracting those of the same mindset.


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