I stand between these cross roads spanning far and wide,

Their path is rough and jagged just like soul I hide.

Not sure of my place in this world I keep my soul quite safe,

disguised from savage fangs it hides in steel and lace.

The wind blows north the waves roll south and the Sun floats in the west,

I’ll take my soul into the east in solitary rest.


-Andrew Senior


6 thoughts on “Renegade

  1. Thank you for stopping and following my blog today. It is greatly appreciated. I look forward to following you in turn and reading your poetry and the thoughts you have to share. Renegade caught my eye right away.

    Take care,



  2. Oh how badly I wish we could meet face to face for I would love to come along side of you on this quest for understanding. I do not have all the answers but I have questions too! I have found contentment, joy and peace in my search for knowledge and wisdom.


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