The City Rises

The wind is cold the sun hot

the rivers have started rise,

The old forest has started to rot

the old guard has met its demise.

A new city has risen its banner and lifted it walls

the people cheer as the new star shines and the old idol falls,

So come all you weary souls to the castle you are gladly bidden

you have no need to search for a city set upon a hill cannot be hidden.


“Held Down”

Crimson Seal & Ethreal Chain

We feel their hold and feed on their power, addicted to the subjugation  offered,

We are the prisoners and wardens  of their mighty dungeon in which  we suffer.

Their chains seep into our bones  and to their fangs open the path to our hearts

We who know of their secret can do nothing for from the seals we cannot part.

But soon we shall be released free to roam our eternal fates

and with joy we will enter absolution and its glorious gates.

-Andrew senior