“Held Down”


When there were barriers pressing him broken
boundaries pressed him hammered down, 
he stood a proud, unconquered token
but switched,and hapless broken now
tall and fine, solid, strong, 
but they held him broken down
tongue left shaved with no words spoken
no more a token, no less a hound

He hollowed his lungs, he breathed and more
released reprieve, left bloodied sore
remorse defiled, grief, unrest, 
from nothing birthed of hopelessness,
battled empty, his birth abhorred 
a forlorn soul from warfare forged

He was forged from pride and doubt 
from without they held him hard 
it ached him, throbbed him, brought about 
further adorned like a broken guard 
yet he would not capitulate
molested, broken, they beat and berate 
but bite on and grip on and held on and held down 
smothered and smoldered, witless and bound
as more than just a battered shard
battered down, they held him hard

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