Burn The Veil

They blindfold you hiding the truth so you cannot see

they hide all the proof that leads you to who your meant to be.

The lies they spit spread through souls like  wild fire

they claim there is deadly venom in all you desire.

But do no falter stand and burn the veil

It is only then that your soul will prevail.


9 thoughts on “Burn The Veil

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  2. It’s only when there’s a gap in the woods that the light really gets in. We have to feel pain to feel good, there’s no night without day.


  3. It sounds as if you see faith as a game of “three shells and pea” with the keyholders using sleight of hand. Yes that is often Religion. Jesus said as much (Matthew 23). He laid out the path to truth…OBEDIENCE. If we endure testing by the Word of God and obey, we come into possession of reality, one precept at a time (John 7: 16,17). This truth is not subjective. We must humble ourselves to His great Plan.


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