The fog released its midnight shadow

All those who saw met the gallows

Its true form was seen as sin

they feared to let its image in

For they believe in there own words

and force the faith of those who heard

But now the fog has come again

and all their lies will finally end.

Open the Heart

The way is shut,

the light is dead

their hearts are cut

the bloods been shed

The eyes are sealed

our hands are sliced

his flesh is peeled

my blood is ice

the secrets dead

the lies are free

I know their souls

but they cant see me.

The Way.

The waves roll from the edge of the Earth

the Sun and Moon sit upon their perch.

The sky is dressed in sapphire gown

and proudly wears its rainbow crown.

From which mountain does time spring

what secrets do the grand  Oaks sing.

The stars grin with ancient pride

including the stars that rest inside.

For they know the four notes the creator sang

When reality was born from its violent bang.