Conflict Desolation

The greatness we have reached was built on blood and steel

that is the history that the scholars teach whether it is fake or real

When we peer into our short lived past we do see death and flames

but look even deeper and you’ll see many served under peaces name

Many sages, prophets and normal soul have healed the souls of reality

Time and time again have put down swords for peaceful morality

War alone cannot build for its role is to destroy and condemn

Peace is needed to quench the flames and to heal with light that never dims.




2 thoughts on “Conflict Desolation

  1. Your avatar is a very interesting and creative image.

    How do we know when we are at peace, if we never go to war? Or how are we to find peace when we willingly go to war on many things (e.g. drugs, terrorism)?

    I think the message that peace allows us to build (and grow stronger) is a great message to tell and show. Thanks for sharing.


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