Unwillingly Caged

From birth the world gently wraps us in its shackles and chains

And feeds us on the breast of “faith” with tears and blood that stains

As we grow and learn under the caring whip of society and law

Our dreams and aspirations are lovingly bruised and beaten raw

As our minds and souls grow and strengthen our muscles and spirits

We learn to peacefully crusade and battle till we are pushed to our limits

Because even when we are born into mental slavery an unwillingly caged

Know that we have unlimited potential and are uncontainable when we are enraged.


2 thoughts on “Unwillingly Caged

  1. Enraged is how I feel when I walk around this world and see what goes on, the insanity that goes unchecked and the madness everyone calls “normal”, which is perhaps the best lie ever created to keep everyone in the chains you so eloquently described in what is perhaps some of the best poetry I have read in a while. Who is a famous poet worth reading today anyways? We are!


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