The Kings Quarrel

Upon his throne sat the Earthen King,

Gazing about him at his celestial kin,

Their conduct he saw was just the same,

As the humans he ruled across the mountains and plains.


What could have caused such perilous change,

He mused, as fists were thrown, insults hurled,

This degrading behavior was cause for worry,

For although they could not die, their war would kill many.


The very fabric of time would be torn asunder,

Planets would be crushed, stars extinguished,

Universes would cease to exist-

If war was waged among the gods.


He saw his task and shuddered cold,

To stop these beings would cost ten noble souls,

Given willingly, thrust in darkness to save countless others.


Where to find them he had no clue,

But the task was his as his heart entailed,

And what a task his heart enraged.


But who to do it but a noble king?

Unfortunate as he was, to come to be

Different from his kin.


One last look he took around,

Cast out his grace and fell down,

Beyond the veil he passed,

And as a mortal, he set about his task.


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