At This point

At this point Your only hope is time reversal You should have kept your soul clean Don’t you know that whatever you let in Leaves its mark? So how do you allow experiences to mark you Without dirtying you? Where do you find wisdom without the pain of aquiring it? And how do you feel something that isn’t a total lie Without placing your hands on razor blades? How do you make it through this life with your wrists intact? Where do your good intentions go When dawn folds your tired eyelids open And wakes you up to a reminder of all the things you’ve avoided doing up to now All of the things you hate that have to be faced now They build up over time, like clutter in your mind Have you ever left something to decompose in your head, then have it explode into one big nothing? I have, its a part of my basic routine How can I describe to you the way that it feels? Regret grinding through your veins Angry, jagged claws scratching down your back A dull tug in your throat where the words you want to speak won’t rise to Even though they’ve never been this loud in your brain They’re so loud, so why can’t you speak? So loud, but when you try to speak, make no sound You can type it, but you never say it Never expose the extremities of your most idle, malignant thoughts Point blank: I wish I’d never met you.


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