I can’t stand it – non sopporto più – nu suport

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I can’t stand the taste of wine over tooth paste, so I don’t drink in the morning
and I don’t brush my teeth in the evening before the dizziness can acquire a passionate asymmetry
I can’t stand wine with lipstick, or sudden news announced slowly
I’d rather swallow halva with pickles and simulated ideatical kisses,
delayed news and slow wine
I am the sort of guy who pays attention to pragmatisms that hold the power of habit… and inductions
illusions playing the part of an accepted compromise
Because I live, even if you find it hard to believe…
Because living without love is merely an exercise of dying
not at all the break between two periods, or inhalation – expiration
and you’re wondering, naturally, what does the wine have to do with all these!
I won’t tell you, find out on your own, the news are the subject…

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