Timmy the Scribbler

yes a bit of sediment
settling in progress,
maybe some swirl action,
with water falling lower but still plenty
of swimming room or to hope for a future
to work out swimmingly or at least on the smooth
side; space remains a feature to take note
of and should enjoy several seasons
before entering footnote status;
church country; this is where churches do well;

if a parking lot is full of cars yet actual
people seem scarce, it might behoove the mind to check
the day of the week for it may be a Sunday
and there is no mystery which and where and why
the parking lots would be full of vehicles;
maybe not a bad idea just came alive,
like something religious, for something to do,
because I do definitely need to find
something to do; contacts; need contacts;
not a complete stranger but so many years


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