Rebirth and Rejoice

With the misty morning at my door,

And the song of duty by its side.

I fell my purpose shake my core,

Inside my doubt I will not hide.

I have returned from hibernation,

Its destiny; I had no choice.

So behold my souls celebration,

My muse is reborn; so soul rejoice.

The Pheonix is nigh

When broken bones and bloody eyes turn to scars,
Trembling lips and withering smiles curse the stars.
Our hands do the dirty work of evolutions eternal war,
We break them down rending and tossing their mask afar.
They’ll curse and weep beneath our steady hands.
As enemies, in splintered unity they’ll try to stand.
But soon they’ll see why we tear and rip at their hope,
For soon amidst the shadows and inky darkness they’ll grope.
From their singed corpse we’ll smite the false truths and lies,
So from their ashes they can be reborn and within new fire, rise.


Paradigms Sin

Through scars of a bloody past they view the world
Through wounds inflicted by ancient children they live.
Breathing hatred, breathing agony, Bleeding despair
No hope just anger
No love only revenge.
Their true enemy is their memory,
The memory that battles progress.
They can’t escape the paradigm,
they seek transgressions
they hate what they find.
It is their addiction.

Blind to their sins they preach broken truths,
justice born from death is what they seek.
That corrupted spawn they worship,
scion of hate and deception.
For this they live.
For this they die.
From within.
By paradigms sin.

Grey Matter (The Crooked Forge)

My mother maybe black and my father yellow.
My eyes brown and skin tan.
My hair black and teeth white
But grey is my mind.
Does it matter the color of my minds matter
That grey glob that sits secure
Shielded from ignorance forged in piano keys
tempered in crimson and gold.

Ignorance and hate are glass and crystal
Amplifying the fears of our ruby hearts.
Precious things.
Lime and coal mark our souls
We had no choice.
Stuck in the past they die at last.
Leaving their Cooked forge behind.


Did you hear what happened to Lisa who lives on the street

I heard she was screaming last night because she got beat


Yo! I can’t believe Todd kicked his chick in the face

I heard that nigga smashed her face with a vase.


Todd just got jumped by some dudes from Lisa’s hood

Bout time some real men kicked that niggas ass good


Todd’s in the hospital fighting for his life

Pipe in the throat cuz of wound of a knife


Heard Lisa went to visit this bitch dumb

Why she holding on to that bum?


Did you see what Lisa wrote on her page?

Chick was typing with the rage.


Y’all niggas who be making up mad lies

My man never hit me once or made me cry


Our relationship was fine our life was groovie

The screaming you heard was from a horror movie




Enigmatic Dirge

My feet bleed from acres marched in righteous pride
My bones cry from weight forced by songs of humility
My muscles ache from somber joy sealed from inside
My lungs shudder within the depths of mercies endless sea.

Unspeakable joy fuels my vacant soul
Unfathomable grace clothes my tattered mind
Unbreakable hope is in my heart to hold
Unshakeable mercy in my hands to bind

Dusty Love

The gray dusk haze wraps its palms around my neck

The tired heavens sighs as it rests its sullen eyes

Calloused feet slide wearily across the old crying deck

The inky night slowly captures blazing celestial fireflies.

A salty gem descends your porcelain face

You tremble sending quakes into my heart

Emotions weave silently into my heart of lace

A rogue prayer is murmured for us to never part.

Through my windows I stare into your depths

And through mine you see my hidden truth

From crooked ceiling to down my hoary steps

From my shadowed basement to my rusty roof.

But through my bloody panes I through my lust

And now I wait for you to show your love coated in dust.


Pistolfish's Blog

my pain is my prison
solitarily confined
locked away deep inside
serving time for committed crimes
the choices made are evident
proof of my mistakes
chances I shouldn’t have taken
love that I chose to fake

every day another wall goes up
keeping me safe within
every day another wall tears down
weakened by the weight
of guilty feelings
I’ll never measure up
I’ll never reach my goal
I’ll never shake the feeling
that i should’ve left well enough alone

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A View of the Sky

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poetry by michael fink

The stars are all dead, she said
The light you see is too late for them
We’ve nothing to save us left
And I begged her gaze upon the black
Which blankets a space more vast, and said
There are countless stars among those depths
Whose light hasn’t reached us yet
There is no time for love, she cried
There are too few moments in life
And we’ve none free to set aside
And I asked her to lie in my bed
Where our burdens might be shed, and said
We might be short-lived, and yet
Tonight, we are only short of breath
One must not fear death or life
One must not recoil from the light
For all that we have endured in our time
We have ensured that we will ever shine 

And when someone else gazes upon that same night sky
Let us love so bright, that…

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In The Night