From deep within a voiceless cry,

Begging for help less a soul should die,

The heartless dark consumed my being,

Wrapping my heart in solitude’s dream.

Day by day the time does pass,

Stranding me here away from humanities grasp.

I long to be with my fellow man,

To break this spell that has been cast on me.

No person can I ever see,

Their being thus cloaked from me,

For eternity I must be,

Alone in solitude’s divine misery.


At This point

At this point Your only hope is time reversal You should have kept your soul clean Don’t you know that whatever you let in Leaves its mark? So how do you allow experiences to mark you Without dirtying you? Where do you find wisdom without the pain of aquiring it? And how do you feel something that isn’t a total lie Without placing your hands on razor blades? How do you make it through this life with your wrists intact? Where do your good intentions go When dawn folds your tired eyelids open And wakes you up to a reminder of all the things you’ve avoided doing up to now All of the things you hate that have to be faced now They build up over time, like clutter in your mind Have you ever left something to decompose in your head, then have it explode into one big nothing? I have, its a part of my basic routine How can I describe to you the way that it feels? Regret grinding through your veins Angry, jagged claws scratching down your back A dull tug in your throat where the words you want to speak won’t rise to Even though they’ve never been this loud in your brain They’re so loud, so why can’t you speak? So loud, but when you try to speak, make no sound You can type it, but you never say it Never expose the extremities of your most idle, malignant thoughts Point blank: I wish I’d never met you.

The Kings Quarrel

Upon his throne sat the Earthen King,

Gazing about him at his celestial kin,

Their conduct he saw was just the same,

As the humans he ruled across the mountains and plains.


What could have caused such perilous change,

He mused, as fists were thrown, insults hurled,

This degrading behavior was cause for worry,

For although they could not die, their war would kill many.


The very fabric of time would be torn asunder,

Planets would be crushed, stars extinguished,

Universes would cease to exist-

If war was waged among the gods.


He saw his task and shuddered cold,

To stop these beings would cost ten noble souls,

Given willingly, thrust in darkness to save countless others.


Where to find them he had no clue,

But the task was his as his heart entailed,

And what a task his heart enraged.


But who to do it but a noble king?

Unfortunate as he was, to come to be

Different from his kin.


One last look he took around,

Cast out his grace and fell down,

Beyond the veil he passed,

And as a mortal, he set about his task.

The Mask


You see the world in black and white,

I see the world in shades of grey.

Our two visions they coincide-

We view the world from left and right.

The way we see is of spotted lights,

The darkness stretching for miles between,

Yet we never cease to find our way,

With the aid of black and white made grey.

For Our Glory

Upon the dawn we cast our call,

For the end is nigh- the end of night.


Who we call but heavens host,

To banish our fears and bring us peace,

We who served since time was itself,

We who praise He who is King.


What of our reward, we humbly ask,

For we are but children in Your vast shadow.


We pray for guidance in our new light,

For the sun does shine

In Your infinite light.

-Gyasi Neil

Times Demise

 The winds of time might blow our way Turning back our unending age To the past we go, misdeeds undone To right a future so dark and sketchy- The past we seek because it is necessary. To save ourselves from misfortunes query We travel through time, its fabric unraveled Facing our soul we must be strong Guiding and coaching away from wrong. Help us father we beg of thee, Help us finish or we will cease to be.

-Gyasi Neil


Like dormant cancer flowing through my veins,

The hate I nurse closest to my heart,

Running slowly like an icy stream through my brain,

Day after day we never seem to part.


The pain and hurt digs ever deeper,

Hiding from moonlit fields and captivating laughter,

Yet the light of day it seeks to find,

Stumbling through shadows like a man that’s blind.


I seek the heaven so many speak of,

Slitting my veins in blood drenched offering,

Praying to the gods to let me end my suffering,

Their cold indifference, nothing to speak of.


At the end of day a pact we make,

To lie together wrapped tightly in each others arms,

Let death be a friend and welcome companion,

As we leave this world, forfeiting it for the next.

-Gyasi Neil