Grey Matter (The Crooked Forge)

My mother maybe black and my father yellow.
My eyes brown and skin tan.
My hair black and teeth white
But grey is my mind.
Does it matter the color of my minds matter
That grey glob that sits secure
Shielded from ignorance forged in piano keys
tempered in crimson and gold.

Ignorance and hate are glass and crystal
Amplifying the fears of our ruby hearts.
Precious things.
Lime and coal mark our souls
We had no choice.
Stuck in the past they die at last.
Leaving their Cooked forge behind.


Blank Pages Of Chaos

Stitches of euphoria permeate the air painting a tapestry

The eyes of the world weep with joyous relief

The roar of drums sculpt a monolithic melody

The hands of the world claw up in desperate glee

The muse of chaos spreads its wings of mercy

The soul of the world trembles in jubilant fear

Inspiration has its age

The quietus has its reign

It all started on an empty page

Within The Shell

As I lay within my silent cocoon my wounds slowly heal

The memories of the past flutter between fake and real;

And like every other shattered soul broken after war

Even after this metamorphoses my heart will have a scar;

But while inside the sea of hope and despair

I hear the voices of my dreams whisper in my ear;

Dismay is not your purpose and pain is not your throne

Know that your past has passed and nothing is set in stone


Stolen From Us.

Blood sweat and pain dragged us into this world,

Hope, fear, love and hate fight for our souls,

Defenseless into the savage fray we are hurled,

We are taught to bend our knees before the bold.

We are denied the sacred seal of our birthright,

Usurped from seat of our forefathers legacy,

Trained to hold our tongues and hide our might,

Raised in a world where it’s wrong to be free.

Soon we will remember our purpose.




Shaping The Mold

The sun has risen on my path again, a new journey has begun,

These rested hands cry out for my tools and my feet beg to run.

The stars dance as the clouds bow before my familiar gaze,

The breath of Earth spreads through the land and clears away the haze.

A new song has been sung from the lips of fate that draws me like a flame,

And now my tortured soul yearns for the birth of its true and final name.

My journeys before have forged my mind into a great and mighty tool,

But the trial that beckons for me now possesses its own secret rules.

So now that the mold is gone and my chains of rest have been sold,

It’s time to find my true self and bend the world so I can shape the mold.


Eyes locked shut and chained in shadow never to be released

Ninety days of savage wars reigned with no signs of peace

On broken knees and shredded hands the weary find shelter

With virtues and strength they finally break their fetters

Ninety years of peace and knowledge finally finds the key

And with blinding light from above their ancient eyes are free.

Time and Space

Pillars of ivory born from the womb of the earth

Rivers of ruby embracing the curves of the land

The blessed cry of eternity in its moment of birth

Valleys of toil etched into eternities calloused hand

From out of the muddy darkness rises infinity

Unrivaled strength drips from its scarred hide

Within its hands dwell rage and holy serenity

Reality trembles before its untamed pride




The night will never relinquish its hold on my starving fate
Flakes of poisoned tears shatter upon my dusty plate
Cradled by thirsty blood stolen from tortured futures
Hope stands emaciated, its bones bound by jagged sutures
The dynasty of justice hides its eyes in shame
While vermin ravage our souls in its hallowed name
The veins of faith have been sealed shut with bones
Fields of ash and caskets stand where we called home

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Good and Broken

Another stripe painted across our backs
One more day hearing of souls we lack
The strain of a past we never wanted to know
Thought we could have a future as pure as snow
But you know what they say about old dogs and tricks
Try to teach them about the future but it never sticks
When dragged through time chains tend to rust
When muscles start to grow, links start to bust
So they try to bind the hands of time
With ropes made of diamonds and dimes

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Amidst the endless lines that bind the world  my eyes have been sealed

Chains forged by blazing pyramids in agony my soul has been  healed

Words drenched in riddles wash over truth cloaked in ancient lies

Ignorance and arrogance will lead to the guards ultimate demise

And when the ash and foam drift away with eternities bloody tide

The chrysalis will be over and a bright new age will march in pride