Death On A Coin, Life In A Round

Who we love they all despise

and strike with hungered eyes

Those that they cherish we hate

We throw them at the reapers gate

Bone, blood, flesh and air

Fill us all just like love and despair

So why do we snarl at the river

If you look deeper the stream is a mirror.

Shadowed Muse

Dreams of rivers drenched in light

Visions of dancers in the dusk

Wailing opera in the night

The dawn breaths its rosy musk

Dirges Peak

Gone again into the wind

Gone again into melody

Gone again into the shimmer

Gone again into the tapestry.

The muse of death slumbers not

The sentry of life rests not

Then why must we falter?

Why must we stumble?

Stand with eternity

Run with infinity

Despair shall we never speak

Lest we be reminded of the dirges peak

Now soar into the storms iris

never to fear life nor death.












A new day yawns

A cold breath chills

The Sun creeps slowly

Light crawls through hills

Mystery abounds

Curiosity awakens

The soul stretches

From Dry Bones

Scorched beneath the darkened sun left cracked and dry

Beaten by the starved sands tortured from the tearless sky

Buried by the shattered hopes of an army of broken souls

Bound by chains forged from countless tattered goals

Till a single speck of mist landed on the parched bones

And life was beckoned from the grim and dreary stones

Within the heart of the dusty corpse a grand oasis grew

And now the dreams old have meshed with hopes of new

Under Watch

The song of the wind is whispered through the air

And the kiss of the sun warms the land far and near

Celestial tears slowly drop into the hungry ocean

As dark angry storms disrupt its graceful motion

Far far away in lush emerald forests fluttering birds sing

As the sun sets before the shadowy night and its sliver king

The wise feathered elders patiently hoot as they await their prey

And a pack of ravenous wolves stalk silently in their coats of grey

High upon the mountains precious crystals descend upon the peaks

And down below silver fish swim within the brisk and clear creeks

All of nature dwells forever under the old and endless sky

Under the watch of its beautifully shining and lidless eyes.