Enigmatic Dirge

My feet bleed from acres marched in righteous pride
My bones cry from weight forced by songs of humility
My muscles ache from somber joy sealed from inside
My lungs shudder within the depths of mercies endless sea.

Unspeakable joy fuels my vacant soul
Unfathomable grace clothes my tattered mind
Unbreakable hope is in my heart to hold
Unshakeable mercy in my hands to bind



Eyes locked shut and chained in shadow never to be released

Ninety days of savage wars reigned with no signs of peace

On broken knees and shredded hands the weary find shelter

With virtues and strength they finally break their fetters

Ninety years of peace and knowledge finally finds the key

And with blinding light from above their ancient eyes are free.

Split Open

Broken on the inside with pieces stuck to the bone

This shell is eternal, stubborn and hard like stone

The rays of light seek the path hidden within the scars

But the trek is futile for I am chained within mental bars

I seek the warden who hid the keys from my sullen eyes

As my shepherd  rains crimson rain from the golden skies

I hear the drops fall upon this retched and bloody cage

But only pain and confusion oozes from my unjust rage

As the cleansing drops seep into this fragile cocoon

I feel the light of grace raise my soul with the moon

And as this scarred cocoon is slowly soaked and lit

Now fed by grace I have the strength to make it split




Flakes of frozen heaven float to the ground

Each one precious and pure like a child’s dream

The wind whistles a song with a somber sound

As it freezes over the mountains clear stream

The people pray for the sun to heat the lands

As the false saints prey on their faith and love

The faithful sacrifice the blood from their hands

As they plead to their loving gods high above

The wolves in the shrine grin with dripping jaws

As the sheep give up their children with naive trust

Each one in their youth bound to lies and false laws

But soon the doors of the temple shall bend and rust

And the snow shall melt and wash away the ancient lies

And the faithful will be kept dry and safe from the diluge

But the thieves and wolves of the cloth shall suffer and die

As the innocent are freed from poverty and their false refuge.


From deep within a voiceless cry,

Begging for help less a soul should die,

The heartless dark consumed my being,

Wrapping my heart in solitude’s dream.

Day by day the time does pass,

Stranding me here away from humanities grasp.

I long to be with my fellow man,

To break this spell that has been cast on me.

No person can I ever see,

Their being thus cloaked from me,

For eternity I must be,

Alone in solitude’s divine misery.

The Tower (The Saga part one)

My hand grips this fate stained blade dripping with glee

And my shadow laughs as all my fearsome enemies flee

I stand within this starlit dune and breath in my power

And I prepare my self for the climb of the deadly tower

For upon its lofty and shining crest is a bridge to heaven

But guarding its mighty gates are the deadly vices seven

As I trod upon the seemingly endless dry sands of time

I know the vicious sins could not touch one free of crime

They snarled as they watched me open the gates sublime

I could not relax for what came was the treacherous climb.

The Kings Quarrel

Upon his throne sat the Earthen King,

Gazing about him at his celestial kin,

Their conduct he saw was just the same,

As the humans he ruled across the mountains and plains.


What could have caused such perilous change,

He mused, as fists were thrown, insults hurled,

This degrading behavior was cause for worry,

For although they could not die, their war would kill many.


The very fabric of time would be torn asunder,

Planets would be crushed, stars extinguished,

Universes would cease to exist-

If war was waged among the gods.


He saw his task and shuddered cold,

To stop these beings would cost ten noble souls,

Given willingly, thrust in darkness to save countless others.


Where to find them he had no clue,

But the task was his as his heart entailed,

And what a task his heart enraged.


But who to do it but a noble king?

Unfortunate as he was, to come to be

Different from his kin.


One last look he took around,

Cast out his grace and fell down,

Beyond the veil he passed,

And as a mortal, he set about his task.

Cracks in the Ocean

Our minds are not connected they are not chained together,

our thoughts are not linked nor do they converse with each other.

When all things are discovered and all our trails are finally done,

we have finally discovered that all our minds are single. they are One.

We are not trees in the forest nor are we ships in chaotic motion.

We are the streams, the rivers and seas for there are no cracks in the ocean.


The stars have left their ashes within our bones,

with  pride we rule this city of fire and stone.

Our minds hold the deepest laws of reality,

this stone castle is a nest of age and insanity.

The seas of eternity flow through our veins ,

time is released within our winds and rains.

The tempest of creation strikes with a symphony,

with wild euphoria we feed on the nectar of epiphany.

The Way.

The waves roll from the edge of the Earth

the Sun and Moon sit upon their perch.

The sky is dressed in sapphire gown

and proudly wears its rainbow crown.

From which mountain does time spring

what secrets do the grand  Oaks sing.

The stars grin with ancient pride

including the stars that rest inside.

For they know the four notes the creator sang

When reality was born from its violent bang.