Within The Tunnles Clad In Iron

Hidden with the earths old bones they hide their fangs and claws,

Behind their wall of flesh and tears they fill their bloody maws.

Cloak by blood, shielded in bones they dine on stones from graves

They happily dig into their futures womb in search of holy slaves.

With scarred hands they mined the ore and shaped a mighty shield

Before its colossal might, every attempt of war trembles and yields.

Upon a land gained by will and kept through bloody fists

They dare the world and all its justice to take it from its midst.

Who has destiny chosen to sit upon her throne?

Only fate knows her mind and the rage within her bones.



The Silent Dirge

High above the valley, deep within the mountains;

There our souls are buried death shall never find them.

Long before birth we were bought and sold,

Chained in blood but owned by body and soul.

Never alone we bury, never alone we burn;

Never alone we ferry, never alone turn.

Never alone we cry, never alone we sleep;

Never alone we fly, Never into the deep.


Eyes locked shut and chained in shadow never to be released

Ninety days of savage wars reigned with no signs of peace

On broken knees and shredded hands the weary find shelter

With virtues and strength they finally break their fetters

Ninety years of peace and knowledge finally finds the key

And with blinding light from above their ancient eyes are free.

The Guard (The Saga Part three)

With many flights behind me fate called its guard

Its face was as empty as its ageless soul was scarred

In its hand were my insecurities as sharp as death

And I could feel death and despair from his breath

I drew my blade made from my endless faith and will

And reality tensed as we both stood deathly still

The ground shook as he began to walk with empty pride

And prepared myself for I knew there was no where to hide

This battle might be long and it might be impossible to win

But for me surrender hopelessness is the single greatest sin.



The Climb (The saga part 2)

As I slowly entered the spire made of time and will

I quickly prepared for death and prepared to kill

I knew my foe was not of blood, flesh and bone

But entities made of wills as hard as steel and stone

As finally began to move the shadows around me fled

I walked up the stairs prepared for the ordeal ahead

I never wavered as I commenced this mortal crime

I knew that the number is few for those who dared the climb

The Tower (The Saga part one)

My hand grips this fate stained blade dripping with glee

And my shadow laughs as all my fearsome enemies flee

I stand within this starlit dune and breath in my power

And I prepare my self for the climb of the deadly tower

For upon its lofty and shining crest is a bridge to heaven

But guarding its mighty gates are the deadly vices seven

As I trod upon the seemingly endless dry sands of time

I know the vicious sins could not touch one free of crime

They snarled as they watched me open the gates sublime

I could not relax for what came was the treacherous climb.