Did you hear what happened to Lisa who lives on the street

I heard she was screaming last night because she got beat


Yo! I can’t believe Todd kicked his chick in the face

I heard that nigga smashed her face with a vase.


Todd just got jumped by some dudes from Lisa’s hood

Bout time some real men kicked that niggas ass good


Todd’s in the hospital fighting for his life

Pipe in the throat cuz of wound of a knife


Heard Lisa went to visit this bitch dumb

Why she holding on to that bum?


Did you see what Lisa wrote on her page?

Chick was typing with the rage.


Y’all niggas who be making up mad lies

My man never hit me once or made me cry


Our relationship was fine our life was groovie

The screaming you heard was from a horror movie






Pistolfish's Blog

my pain is my prison
solitarily confined
locked away deep inside
serving time for committed crimes
the choices made are evident
proof of my mistakes
chances I shouldn’t have taken
love that I chose to fake

every day another wall goes up
keeping me safe within
every day another wall tears down
weakened by the weight
of guilty feelings
I’ll never measure up
I’ll never reach my goal
I’ll never shake the feeling
that i should’ve left well enough alone

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A View of the Sky

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poetry by michael fink

The stars are all dead, she said
The light you see is too late for them
We’ve nothing to save us left
And I begged her gaze upon the black
Which blankets a space more vast, and said
There are countless stars among those depths
Whose light hasn’t reached us yet
There is no time for love, she cried
There are too few moments in life
And we’ve none free to set aside
And I asked her to lie in my bed
Where our burdens might be shed, and said
We might be short-lived, and yet
Tonight, we are only short of breath
One must not fear death or life
One must not recoil from the light
For all that we have endured in our time
We have ensured that we will ever shine 

And when someone else gazes upon that same night sky
Let us love so bright, that…

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In The Night

Eternal Love – Promote Yourself


Life without you, is like a body without a soul,
My mind works, but is in your control.
Seeing you,the world around me comes to cease,
Being with you, I feel complete and I find my real inner peace.
I feel possessed and can do anything to see you happy,
Just being held by you, I feel secured and bliss.
Time will fly and my passion for love will keep on growing,
It will continue, till the day you don’t stop  your love and care sowing.

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Timmy the Scribbler

yes a bit of sediment
settling in progress,
maybe some swirl action,
with water falling lower but still plenty
of swimming room or to hope for a future
to work out swimmingly or at least on the smooth
side; space remains a feature to take note
of and should enjoy several seasons
before entering footnote status;
church country; this is where churches do well;

if a parking lot is full of cars yet actual
people seem scarce, it might behoove the mind to check
the day of the week for it may be a Sunday
and there is no mystery which and where and why
the parking lots would be full of vehicles;
maybe not a bad idea just came alive,
like something religious, for something to do,
because I do definitely need to find
something to do; contacts; need contacts;
not a complete stranger but so many years


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Last Self-Portrait as a Dying Man

All Covered In Gold

Poetry is Peace of Mind

You are my light
To see this soul
Here is my shadow
All covered in gold
There is a hunger
I reach out to touch
I love you so much
You hold this sweet air
That I breathe
Stand by me, lord
Looking through
The other side of
This crystal wall,
I know that you care

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Hearing Me Cry – Promote Yourself


I felt trapped when I had only my pillow

to hear me cry and beg and scream to.

You unravel me in a gentle breeze by the sun

of my youth, to smooth away the scars

gained from a life of reckless loving.

I crease and fall and I’m weak, so small

to be smacked against life by life.

Below my crush depth – I cannot bear it, take it.

You find me, unfold me and give me your nook,

absorb my pain and take it away.

Breath into me, create me all and whole

Demystify my soul by the way you make me smile

You peel away the pain to bring your sun to

make me laugh  – and I laugh because you love me.


Cat Mercer

Twitter: @cat_mercer

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From My Mind To Your Eyes

From My Mind To Your Eyes.