Death On A Coin, Life In A Round

Who we love they all despise

and strike with hungered eyes

Those that they cherish we hate

We throw them at the reapers gate

Bone, blood, flesh and air

Fill us all just like love and despair

So why do we snarl at the river

If you look deeper the stream is a mirror.


Tailored Destiny

It isn’t mine it never was and never shall it be

I’ll make my own and I’ll make it well I’ll make it perfectly

No matter what you may decide its mine to shape and mold

I’ll never bend I’ll never bow no one tells me me to be told

It wasn’t mine it isn’t true it shall and cannot be

I made my own it fits just right I tailored my destiny.


Deathless Love, Lifeless Heart


Empty shell of a man

Shallow hole of a heart

Pitied bones of a man

Painted smile on a heart

Shattered life of a man

Desperate cry of a heart

New day for a man

Old dirge for a heart

Love lives for a man

Love Lived for a heart

Hunger For A Heart

We all have a beast pounding in our chest

It seeks to devour our lives with love

It is an addiction we can’t resist

Granted to us from above

We thirst for the sun within the dark

Forever we hunger for our loves heart

Shadowed Muse

Dreams of rivers drenched in light

Visions of dancers in the dusk

Wailing opera in the night

The dawn breaths its rosy musk

Broken Boundries


To live inside a box

Gilded in gold chains

With doors made of rocks

With all four limbs restrained

You’ll truly know true terror

If you step outside that door

But if you stay inside for ever

Your heart will always crave for more.



Truth in movement

Sometimes words alone will not suffice,

so you must dance to teach and entice.

When the wolfs bark does not strike fear,

He bares his fangs and teeth to ensnare.

The Cathedral

The Backwater Gospel