Rebirth and Rejoice

With the misty morning at my door,

And the song of duty by its side.

I fell my purpose shake my core,

Inside my doubt I will not hide.

I have returned from hibernation,

Its destiny; I had no choice.

So behold my souls celebration,

My muse is reborn; so soul rejoice.

Split Open

Broken on the inside with pieces stuck to the bone

This shell is eternal, stubborn and hard like stone

The rays of light seek the path hidden within the scars

But the trek is futile for I am chained within mental bars

I seek the warden who hid the keys from my sullen eyes

As my shepherd  rains crimson rain from the golden skies

I hear the drops fall upon this retched and bloody cage

But only pain and confusion oozes from my unjust rage

As the cleansing drops seep into this fragile cocoon

I feel the light of grace raise my soul with the moon

And as this scarred cocoon is slowly soaked and lit

Now fed by grace I have the strength to make it split




There is no flame within them
Not even the slightest spark
So they feed on shining souls
And plunge them into the dark
They seek to chain us forever
Hiding us from joys warm eyes
And try to change their fate
For they shall fall as we rise.

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Times Demise

 The winds of time might blow our way Turning back our unending age To the past we go, misdeeds undone To right a future so dark and sketchy- The past we seek because it is necessary. To save ourselves from misfortunes query We travel through time, its fabric unraveled Facing our soul we must be strong Guiding and coaching away from wrong. Help us father we beg of thee, Help us finish or we will cease to be.

-Gyasi Neil

The Driven

Through fire and stone they move like a storm,

the great power they possess takes any form.

The fire that burns within their heart can never die,

from dust they build monoliths that reach the sky.

Through blood and soot they build their might,

they see the future through smoke and night.

never will they fail the destiny that they built,

they shrug off all shame, misery and guilt.

the future belongs to those who have been bidden,

those who have heard the call have all been driven.

Step Out

You are stuck, bound, trapped in your cage,

no matter how you pray your infested with rage.

You think it futile to try, you think your destined to suffer,

you cried, you begged, used all the strength you could muster.

but you never truly looked, never believed, and this I can tell,

because underneath your blood and tears is the key to your cell.


-Andrew Senior


Crimson Seal & Ethreal Chain

We feel their hold and feed on their power, addicted to the subjugation  offered,

We are the prisoners and wardens  of their mighty dungeon in which  we suffer.

Their chains seep into our bones  and to their fangs open the path to our hearts

We who know of their secret can do nothing for from the seals we cannot part.

But soon we shall be released free to roam our eternal fates

and with joy we will enter absolution and its glorious gates.

-Andrew senior


I sit here in solitude patiently waiting for inspiration like fire from above

The frigid embers surround me as epiphany descended like the snowy dove.

The rain was holy soot that fell unto my immaculate and barren mind

lighting red as blood struck my heart and tore off the chains that bind.

The desert sprang water as clear as crystal within my soul sprouted an oasis

no longer did I starve no longer did my spirit weep for it was freed from stasis.

After the intervention had ended and my psyche had become whole and dense

I was plunged into eternity pure and true as I gladly wept in my divine silence.

Shattered Divinity

I gazed into the ocean and saw an awesome army,

men with different faces camped within one body.

This mind was once like adamant now broken into shards,

thoughts sprinkled with beauty now broken and charred.

I stood before the image awed the entity,

till strike by revelation, this deity was me.


The eyes of fate are blind to me they fail to see my destiny,

Am I what I choose to be be or am I bound in slavery?

My thoughts are hidden behind thick haze I’ve lost my heart within his maze,

My thoughts run deep like an abyss separated from hopes sweet kiss.

I’ll sail this dry and endless sea out of this labyrinth called “me”.


-Andrew Senior