Rebirth and Rejoice

With the misty morning at my door,

And the song of duty by its side.

I fell my purpose shake my core,

Inside my doubt I will not hide.

I have returned from hibernation,

Its destiny; I had no choice.

So behold my souls celebration,

My muse is reborn; so soul rejoice.

Strained Inside

Pulled and pushed, my soul is scarred

Duty and growth my path is marred

Decisions made muddle my sight

Family or self what is my fight?

Teach and learn or lie alone

Respect your blood, love your bones

The angles of life point to light

The links of family grant us might

The compass spins never to rest

The hands of fate demand your best


My Hearts Treasure

Your eyes are made of the jewels of heaven

Your smile formed by the hands of the muses

Your celestial voice is the envy of all angels

Your touch heals those with shattered hearts

When you were created the seraphs wept in envy

The beauty of your smile is second only to your soul

Finally my heart has found and completed its goal.

Shallows Of Albus

As I slowly float through this white and murky sea

I breath in my dreams and the bubbles of eternity

Above the waves I hear the roar and hungry bellows of war

And I felt the turbulence as they trod through the milky shore

My eyes watched as the sea slowly turned crimson red

And the depths increased its pressure as it filled with dread

I did not move nor did I flinch as the beast approached in greed

For I new this sea was mine and I had all that  I needed to succeed.

For Our Glory

Upon the dawn we cast our call,

For the end is nigh- the end of night.


Who we call but heavens host,

To banish our fears and bring us peace,

We who served since time was itself,

We who praise He who is King.


What of our reward, we humbly ask,

For we are but children in Your vast shadow.


We pray for guidance in our new light,

For the sun does shine

In Your infinite light.

-Gyasi Neil

Times Demise

 The winds of time might blow our way Turning back our unending age To the past we go, misdeeds undone To right a future so dark and sketchy- The past we seek because it is necessary. To save ourselves from misfortunes query We travel through time, its fabric unraveled Facing our soul we must be strong Guiding and coaching away from wrong. Help us father we beg of thee, Help us finish or we will cease to be.

-Gyasi Neil


Like dormant cancer flowing through my veins,

The hate I nurse closest to my heart,

Running slowly like an icy stream through my brain,

Day after day we never seem to part.


The pain and hurt digs ever deeper,

Hiding from moonlit fields and captivating laughter,

Yet the light of day it seeks to find,

Stumbling through shadows like a man that’s blind.


I seek the heaven so many speak of,

Slitting my veins in blood drenched offering,

Praying to the gods to let me end my suffering,

Their cold indifference, nothing to speak of.


At the end of day a pact we make,

To lie together wrapped tightly in each others arms,

Let death be a friend and welcome companion,

As we leave this world, forfeiting it for the next.

-Gyasi Neil

The Urge of Defiance

Deep within my vast being I feel the tides of purpose rising

the clouds of resolve have started roll upon the horizon

the mortal elixir within my veins has finally started boiling

the whispers of thunder have broken the adamant rampart of fear

my internal tempest has reached its violent and bloody climax

I look into the abyss of my eternal heart for signs of hope

but in the darkness all I find is the omnipotence of passion

And now as I look upon the hordes of drones and their blind reliance

I quietly stoke the infinite flames of purpose, passion and defiance.

Lights of the End

They shining flames of pain soak into my soul

The burning winds of desire engulf my form

The swarms of war and fire have taken their toll

The rays of knowledge have destroyed the dark storm.

There is no way to stop the waves of fate

But the beacons hope will anchor our will

We will transcend the world of love and hate

And enter a realm were the soul is strong and the spirit still.


Conflict Desolation

The greatness we have reached was built on blood and steel

that is the history that the scholars teach whether it is fake or real

When we peer into our short lived past we do see death and flames

but look even deeper and you’ll see many served under peaces name

Many sages, prophets and normal soul have healed the souls of reality

Time and time again have put down swords for peaceful morality

War alone cannot build for its role is to destroy and condemn

Peace is needed to quench the flames and to heal with light that never dims.