The Pheonix is nigh

When broken bones and bloody eyes turn to scars,
Trembling lips and withering smiles curse the stars.
Our hands do the dirty work of evolutions eternal war,
We break them down rending and tossing their mask afar.
They’ll curse and weep beneath our steady hands.
As enemies, in splintered unity they’ll try to stand.
But soon they’ll see why we tear and rip at their hope,
For soon amidst the shadows and inky darkness they’ll grope.
From their singed corpse we’ll smite the false truths and lies,
So from their ashes they can be reborn and within new fire, rise.


Death On A Coin, Life In A Round

Who we love they all despise

and strike with hungered eyes

Those that they cherish we hate

We throw them at the reapers gate

Bone, blood, flesh and air

Fill us all just like love and despair

So why do we snarl at the river

If you look deeper the stream is a mirror.

Deathless Love, Lifeless Heart


Empty shell of a man

Shallow hole of a heart

Pitied bones of a man

Painted smile on a heart

Shattered life of a man

Desperate cry of a heart

New day for a man

Old dirge for a heart

Love lives for a man

Love Lived for a heart

Crying Dawn, Mourning Dusk

Hands mask tear stained scowl diffusing its sicken glare

The shudder of the hoary clouds are too grim to bear;

Never once  spared a pitied gaze or kind caress

Disoriented as pain beats within its rotten chest;

The new day brings the ring of old shame

A new face cannot hide an ancient name;

Where has time fled amidst our dreadful morn,

Why has death abandoned us with bitter scorn?

Feel The shiver of the sobbing suns pain

Drink the echo of the widowed moons wane;

Never again to rest in hands of the  keeper

Never to sleep in the embrace of the reaper.



Like dormant cancer flowing through my veins,

The hate I nurse closest to my heart,

Running slowly like an icy stream through my brain,

Day after day we never seem to part.


The pain and hurt digs ever deeper,

Hiding from moonlit fields and captivating laughter,

Yet the light of day it seeks to find,

Stumbling through shadows like a man that’s blind.


I seek the heaven so many speak of,

Slitting my veins in blood drenched offering,

Praying to the gods to let me end my suffering,

Their cold indifference, nothing to speak of.


At the end of day a pact we make,

To lie together wrapped tightly in each others arms,

Let death be a friend and welcome companion,

As we leave this world, forfeiting it for the next.

-Gyasi Neil

The Backwater Gospel