Double Edged Destiny

Hurled into reign of pain

Taught to feed off of pain

Force fed ignorance

Clothed in penance

Hate was willed to our souls.

But deep within 

the pain and sin

sleeps a radiant flame,

With every sting

And every noose

It beckons for our name.

Now with our roots both green and blue

We must feed on the hidden truths





Through the crimson banks of your veins

you send the liquid venom of your remains.

Deep in your souls streets it eternally rains

And the pain and euphoria leave their stains.

Your mind hungers for the morphine of life

and you are willing to fight with pen or knife

for you have been through peace and strife

and you no longer fear times hungry wife.

So tell me friend what is your muse or affliction

Is it your tool,shame,pride or is it your addiction.


Is this mist or is it light within this place

I am moving but cannot control my pace

I feel nothing, nothing but true fullfilment

I care not for my past in this “happy” moment

What is this place of enigmatic eternity

A strange place between rage and serenity

There is no want or hunger in this space

as I awaken the truth my heart starts to race

Why must I leave this empty room of infinity

To be separated from the truth of my identity.

Shallows Of Albus

As I slowly float through this white and murky sea

I breath in my dreams and the bubbles of eternity

Above the waves I hear the roar and hungry bellows of war

And I felt the turbulence as they trod through the milky shore

My eyes watched as the sea slowly turned crimson red

And the depths increased its pressure as it filled with dread

I did not move nor did I flinch as the beast approached in greed

For I new this sea was mine and I had all that  I needed to succeed.

Covered in Ashes

In the midst of the sleeping storm I feel life crawling into my pores,

the pain of thought causes boiling sweat to clean and heal my sores.

I remember how I gave up and cast my will aside to sloth and greed,

but deep within my dormant corpse my passion slept inside a seed.

Never again shall I submit to the whispers and songs of doubt and fear,

my strength lies in my passion, will and faith and I will hold them dear.

So I will gather strength from the lessons gained from the scars and lashes.

As I stand in the midst of the world soaked in my own victory covered in ashes.

At This point

At this point Your only hope is time reversal You should have kept your soul clean Don’t you know that whatever you let in Leaves its mark? So how do you allow experiences to mark you Without dirtying you? Where do you find wisdom without the pain of aquiring it? And how do you feel something that isn’t a total lie Without placing your hands on razor blades? How do you make it through this life with your wrists intact? Where do your good intentions go When dawn folds your tired eyelids open And wakes you up to a reminder of all the things you’ve avoided doing up to now All of the things you hate that have to be faced now They build up over time, like clutter in your mind Have you ever left something to decompose in your head, then have it explode into one big nothing? I have, its a part of my basic routine How can I describe to you the way that it feels? Regret grinding through your veins Angry, jagged claws scratching down your back A dull tug in your throat where the words you want to speak won’t rise to Even though they’ve never been this loud in your brain They’re so loud, so why can’t you speak? So loud, but when you try to speak, make no sound You can type it, but you never say it Never expose the extremities of your most idle, malignant thoughts Point blank: I wish I’d never met you.

The Mask


You see the world in black and white,

I see the world in shades of grey.

Our two visions they coincide-

We view the world from left and right.

The way we see is of spotted lights,

The darkness stretching for miles between,

Yet we never cease to find our way,

With the aid of black and white made grey.

In the flames of Will

The world will not wait

The sky will not weep

Do not lean on  fate

or you will enter the deep

If rebirth is your souls desire

and passion fuels your heart

you must bathe in your wills fire

and forget the fears you felt in the start

Bathe in the ashes of battle as your foe flees

and revel in your radiant rebirth

laugh with the freedom of the breeze

and rest in your new glorious hearth

Conflict Desolation

The greatness we have reached was built on blood and steel

that is the history that the scholars teach whether it is fake or real

When we peer into our short lived past we do see death and flames

but look even deeper and you’ll see many served under peaces name

Many sages, prophets and normal soul have healed the souls of reality

Time and time again have put down swords for peaceful morality

War alone cannot build for its role is to destroy and condemn

Peace is needed to quench the flames and to heal with light that never dims.



Joy in Life

I smile at lightning

chuckle at thunder

I revel in the fighting

and treasure my blunders

I anticipate the end of life

and savor all of its pain

I love the bounty and the strife

I embrace the drought and the rain

In all things I see the beauty of reality

whether it be shadow or light

I float between genius and insanity

I have rejected the chains of wrong and right.