Blank Pages Of Chaos

Stitches of euphoria permeate the air painting a tapestry

The eyes of the world weep with joyous relief

The roar of drums sculpt a monolithic melody

The hands of the world claw up in desperate glee

The muse of chaos spreads its wings of mercy

The soul of the world trembles in jubilant fear

Inspiration has its age

The quietus has its reign

It all started on an empty page


Shadowed Muse

Dreams of rivers drenched in light

Visions of dancers in the dusk

Wailing opera in the night

The dawn breaths its rosy musk

Broken Boundries


To live inside a box

Gilded in gold chains

With doors made of rocks

With all four limbs restrained

You’ll truly know true terror

If you step outside that door

But if you stay inside for ever

Your heart will always crave for more.



Within The Shell

As I lay within my silent cocoon my wounds slowly heal

The memories of the past flutter between fake and real;

And like every other shattered soul broken after war

Even after this metamorphoses my heart will have a scar;

But while inside the sea of hope and despair

I hear the voices of my dreams whisper in my ear;

Dismay is not your purpose and pain is not your throne

Know that your past has passed and nothing is set in stone


From Dry Bones

Scorched beneath the darkened sun left cracked and dry

Beaten by the starved sands tortured from the tearless sky

Buried by the shattered hopes of an army of broken souls

Bound by chains forged from countless tattered goals

Till a single speck of mist landed on the parched bones

And life was beckoned from the grim and dreary stones

Within the heart of the dusty corpse a grand oasis grew

And now the dreams old have meshed with hopes of new

Split Open

Broken on the inside with pieces stuck to the bone

This shell is eternal, stubborn and hard like stone

The rays of light seek the path hidden within the scars

But the trek is futile for I am chained within mental bars

I seek the warden who hid the keys from my sullen eyes

As my shepherd  rains crimson rain from the golden skies

I hear the drops fall upon this retched and bloody cage

But only pain and confusion oozes from my unjust rage

As the cleansing drops seep into this fragile cocoon

I feel the light of grace raise my soul with the moon

And as this scarred cocoon is slowly soaked and lit

Now fed by grace I have the strength to make it split



Through the crimson banks of your veins

you send the liquid venom of your remains.

Deep in your souls streets it eternally rains

And the pain and euphoria leave their stains.

Your mind hungers for the morphine of life

and you are willing to fight with pen or knife

for you have been through peace and strife

and you no longer fear times hungry wife.

So tell me friend what is your muse or affliction

Is it your tool,shame,pride or is it your addiction.


The mountains bow down before me

I hear the praises of the endless sea

The sky showers me with heavenly praises

The moon dances between its regal phases

I remember when I was mortal bound by doubt

My voice was chained but my soul could shout

I heard its cries deep within the cage urging me grow

The world shivered as my power started to overflow

And Now I stand more than simple man standing alone

Now I am a master a king and I proudly sit on my throne.

The Guard (The Saga Part three)

With many flights behind me fate called its guard

Its face was as empty as its ageless soul was scarred

In its hand were my insecurities as sharp as death

And I could feel death and despair from his breath

I drew my blade made from my endless faith and will

And reality tensed as we both stood deathly still

The ground shook as he began to walk with empty pride

And prepared myself for I knew there was no where to hide

This battle might be long and it might be impossible to win

But for me surrender hopelessness is the single greatest sin.


Frosty wind brushes my face

Salty mist hinders my pace

The sky and ground are now one

The sky bright without the sun

I feel the ocean sway my ship

A secret name slips off my lip

I’ve been through heat and icy hail

But this journey I cannot fail

So this is why my soul shall sail

To find my love upon this trail