Dusty Love

The gray dusk haze wraps its palms around my neck

The tired heavens sighs as it rests its sullen eyes

Calloused feet slide wearily across the old crying deck

The inky night slowly captures blazing celestial fireflies.

A salty gem descends your porcelain face

You tremble sending quakes into my heart

Emotions weave silently into my heart of lace

A rogue prayer is murmured for us to never part.

Through my windows I stare into your depths

And through mine you see my hidden truth

From crooked ceiling to down my hoary steps

From my shadowed basement to my rusty roof.

But through my bloody panes I through my lust

And now I wait for you to show your love coated in dust.


Deathless Love, Lifeless Heart


Empty shell of a man

Shallow hole of a heart

Pitied bones of a man

Painted smile on a heart

Shattered life of a man

Desperate cry of a heart

New day for a man

Old dirge for a heart

Love lives for a man

Love Lived for a heart

Hunger For A Heart

We all have a beast pounding in our chest

It seeks to devour our lives with love

It is an addiction we can’t resist

Granted to us from above

We thirst for the sun within the dark

Forever we hunger for our loves heart


The dust falls into the earth

aiding a new shining birth

silver ashes float on the breeze

and tears of confusion fill the sea

Memories linger eternally in the soul

Creating happy laughter while the thunder rolls

Deep within this spirit your souls song still plays

Never to be forgotten wherever your remnant lays.


Frosty wind brushes my face

Salty mist hinders my pace

The sky and ground are now one

The sky bright without the sun

I feel the ocean sway my ship

A secret name slips off my lip

I’ve been through heat and icy hail

But this journey I cannot fail

So this is why my soul shall sail

To find my love upon this trail

My Hearts Treasure

Your eyes are made of the jewels of heaven

Your smile formed by the hands of the muses

Your celestial voice is the envy of all angels

Your touch heals those with shattered hearts

When you were created the seraphs wept in envy

The beauty of your smile is second only to your soul

Finally my heart has found and completed its goal.


Your heart is a safe, guarded and sealed

Your scars and bruises have never been healed

Your mind is a vice-grip past pains held tight

Your spirit is vicious it yearns to fight

You say you seek peace and love that is true

But love and truth begins with you

Not until you forgive the things of the past

Will your wounds and pains be gone at last.


-Andrew Senior

Duality Of Love

Love is illusion, Love is real,

Love is poison, Love can heal.

Love brings death, Love brings Strife,

Love brings peace, Love brings Life.

Love is in all, Love is in None,

Love is darkness, Love is the Sun.


-Andrew Senior