Enigmatic Dirge

My feet bleed from acres marched in righteous pride
My bones cry from weight forced by songs of humility
My muscles ache from somber joy sealed from inside
My lungs shudder within the depths of mercies endless sea.

Unspeakable joy fuels my vacant soul
Unfathomable grace clothes my tattered mind
Unbreakable hope is in my heart to hold
Unshakeable mercy in my hands to bind


Shadowed Muse

Dreams of rivers drenched in light

Visions of dancers in the dusk

Wailing opera in the night

The dawn breaths its rosy musk

Oasis and Melodies

Drops of rhapsody fell from the azure sky igniting the world,

The whispers of ocean caress the rage of the tempted earth,

Upon the parched sand we march with our bloody fists curled,

Amongst the lustrous forest we slumber in natures hearth.

The day has come and the night is dead,

Let us all stand in twilight’s stead.

Time and Space

Pillars of ivory born from the womb of the earth

Rivers of ruby embracing the curves of the land

The blessed cry of eternity in its moment of birth

Valleys of toil etched into eternities calloused hand

From out of the muddy darkness rises infinity

Unrivaled strength drips from its scarred hide

Within its hands dwell rage and holy serenity

Reality trembles before its untamed pride




A new day yawns

A cold breath chills

The Sun creeps slowly

Light crawls through hills

Mystery abounds

Curiosity awakens

The soul stretches

Under Watch

The song of the wind is whispered through the air

And the kiss of the sun warms the land far and near

Celestial tears slowly drop into the hungry ocean

As dark angry storms disrupt its graceful motion

Far far away in lush emerald forests fluttering birds sing

As the sun sets before the shadowy night and its sliver king

The wise feathered elders patiently hoot as they await their prey

And a pack of ravenous wolves stalk silently in their coats of grey

High upon the mountains precious crystals descend upon the peaks

And down below silver fish swim within the brisk and clear creeks

All of nature dwells forever under the old and endless sky

Under the watch of its beautifully shining and lidless eyes.

Home in the Journey

On the long path to truth the heart seeks a place to rest,

for every being seeks a place for sanctuary be it cave or nest.

But what is a home to those of us who walk the path,

A place of rest and reflection or shelter from natures wrath?

In times of need the arms of nature can be a gift of fate,

we can quickly appreciate things we used to hate.

It is easy for the pilgrim to grow weary and weak,

but do not forget the path and the gift you seek.

When you follow your destiny, the path that you chose,

The universe will grant you food, shelter and clothes.


Melody Of………….

The songs of nature flutter around my head

the chorus of the waves pull me from my bed.

The lament of the cursed tear at my spirits flesh

the hymn of the betrayed sinks through my armors mesh.

The cacophony of joy springs from the victorious

the proud symphony of triumph is mighty and glorious.

The crescendo of relief  floats from the lullaby of the dead

The world is lifted by the joyous band of the poor who are fed.

My heart is is full with the sounds of the entirety of infinity

I thank the creator for the chance to hear this melody.


What Is Your Will

Does the wind beckon your name?

Is your heart hungry for shining fame?

Can the chords of melody strengthen your soul?

Do hues and shapes of art beckon you to your goal?

Do the drums of war and battle make your eyes shine?

Does your mind cheer for the knowledge written on endless lines?

Is love your single and only desire?

Tell me, what fuels your wills fire?


The calming waves of the whispering ocean,

The angry roar of a chaotic volcanic eruption,

The gleeful chirping of the free summer birds,

The rumble of a strong and mighty buffalo herd,

The snarl of of an angry and hungry Bengal tiger,

the crackle of the warm and inviting camping fire,

All of nature be it fearsome or peaceful at first glance,

Is in my eyes the greatest melody and it makes my soul dance.