Hunger For A Heart

We all have a beast pounding in our chest

It seeks to devour our lives with love

It is an addiction we can’t resist

Granted to us from above

We thirst for the sun within the dark

Forever we hunger for our loves heart



Frosty wind brushes my face

Salty mist hinders my pace

The sky and ground are now one

The sky bright without the sun

I feel the ocean sway my ship

A secret name slips off my lip

I’ve been through heat and icy hail

But this journey I cannot fail

So this is why my soul shall sail

To find my love upon this trail


Standing proud in his shining armor of black

I tense as he prepares to go on the attack

This great Knight of pure justice and law

Seeks to trap me in his hidden hungry maw

But he has yet to witness the power of will

The power to win without the urge to kill

I will not be sealed into this old false order

For its crimes are worst than bloody murder

My will is too strong to have my soul stashed

So with my passion his shining armor is smashed.

My Hearts Treasure

Your eyes are made of the jewels of heaven

Your smile formed by the hands of the muses

Your celestial voice is the envy of all angels

Your touch heals those with shattered hearts

When you were created the seraphs wept in envy

The beauty of your smile is second only to your soul

Finally my heart has found and completed its goal.

The Climb (The saga part 2)

As I slowly entered the spire made of time and will

I quickly prepared for death and prepared to kill

I knew my foe was not of blood, flesh and bone

But entities made of wills as hard as steel and stone

As finally began to move the shadows around me fled

I walked up the stairs prepared for the ordeal ahead

I never wavered as I commenced this mortal crime

I knew that the number is few for those who dared the climb

Covered in Ashes

In the midst of the sleeping storm I feel life crawling into my pores,

the pain of thought causes boiling sweat to clean and heal my sores.

I remember how I gave up and cast my will aside to sloth and greed,

but deep within my dormant corpse my passion slept inside a seed.

Never again shall I submit to the whispers and songs of doubt and fear,

my strength lies in my passion, will and faith and I will hold them dear.

So I will gather strength from the lessons gained from the scars and lashes.

As I stand in the midst of the world soaked in my own victory covered in ashes.

Unwillingly Caged

From birth the world gently wraps us in its shackles and chains

And feeds us on the breast of “faith” with tears and blood that stains

As we grow and learn under the caring whip of society and law

Our dreams and aspirations are lovingly bruised and beaten raw

As our minds and souls grow and strengthen our muscles and spirits

We learn to peacefully crusade and battle till we are pushed to our limits

Because even when we are born into mental slavery an unwillingly caged

Know that we have unlimited potential and are uncontainable when we are enraged.

What Is Your Will

Does the wind beckon your name?

Is your heart hungry for shining fame?

Can the chords of melody strengthen your soul?

Do hues and shapes of art beckon you to your goal?

Do the drums of war and battle make your eyes shine?

Does your mind cheer for the knowledge written on endless lines?

Is love your single and only desire?

Tell me, what fuels your wills fire?


It ebbs and flows into reality like the waves of the sea

It grows strengthens through the blood of adversity.

The flames of its power burns and scorches all the worlds impurities

Its healing mists closes all wounds and destroys all insecurities.

Its howling winds chills the bones and souls of those who spread  lies

It is easy to see those who wield its power simply look into their eyes.

Come With Me

The way is clear The Sun is bright

There are no foes for us to fight

For when the vices see our light

they know we suffered for our might.

A new path has opened before our blades

and we shall ascend before we  fade

we build our forts with blood and spade

our souls are the walls guarding us from raids.