Under Watch

The song of the wind is whispered through the air

And the kiss of the sun warms the land far and near

Celestial tears slowly drop into the hungry ocean

As dark angry storms disrupt its graceful motion

Far far away in lush emerald forests fluttering birds sing

As the sun sets before the shadowy night and its sliver king

The wise feathered elders patiently hoot as they await their prey

And a pack of ravenous wolves stalk silently in their coats of grey

High upon the mountains precious crystals descend upon the peaks

And down below silver fish swim within the brisk and clear creeks

All of nature dwells forever under the old and endless sky

Under the watch of its beautifully shining and lidless eyes.




Flakes of frozen heaven float to the ground

Each one precious and pure like a child’s dream

The wind whistles a song with a somber sound

As it freezes over the mountains clear stream

The people pray for the sun to heat the lands

As the false saints prey on their faith and love

The faithful sacrifice the blood from their hands

As they plead to their loving gods high above

The wolves in the shrine grin with dripping jaws

As the sheep give up their children with naive trust

Each one in their youth bound to lies and false laws

But soon the doors of the temple shall bend and rust

And the snow shall melt and wash away the ancient lies

And the faithful will be kept dry and safe from the diluge

But the thieves and wolves of the cloth shall suffer and die

As the innocent are freed from poverty and their false refuge.


You’ve been rising for hours drinking in bliss

Every scar is a piece of your soul you shall miss

Every bee sting is a blissful mark that  you hide

A bitter sweet thing, this sadistic muse, your pride

Every track a new path for your masochistic train

Every tear shed for you adds to the torrential rain

But you don’t care about the flood because your flying

And while you soar you bloody clan is bruised and dying

But then the wind finally is gone and gravity brings its heavy hand

And as you try to grasp your singed wings you rapidly fall to the land

You look into the crimson tapestry of the sky and fall into an endless hole

You sadly wonder why there are bloody strokes on the canvas of your soul.


The dust falls into the earth

aiding a new shining birth

silver ashes float on the breeze

and tears of confusion fill the sea

Memories linger eternally in the soul

Creating happy laughter while the thunder rolls

Deep within this spirit your souls song still plays

Never to be forgotten wherever your remnant lays.


The secret words are known by none

Whispered between father and son

Within its chimes it hides true treasure

It heals the spirit and feeds the mind

And transcends the dark and the divine

With lyrics inspired by endless loved

And a melody as pure as the snowy dove.


There is no flame within them
Not even the slightest spark
So they feed on shining souls
And plunge them into the dark
They seek to chain us forever
Hiding us from joys warm eyes
And try to change their fate
For they shall fall as we rise.

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The mountains bow down before me

I hear the praises of the endless sea

The sky showers me with heavenly praises

The moon dances between its regal phases

I remember when I was mortal bound by doubt

My voice was chained but my soul could shout

I heard its cries deep within the cage urging me grow

The world shivered as my power started to overflow

And Now I stand more than simple man standing alone

Now I am a master a king and I proudly sit on my throne.

Truth (Power)

Fear Not the drums that beat and pound

But fear the shadow that leaves no sound

The bear may growl and the lion shall roar

But their wrath is true when they roar no more

The tiger may bare its hungry teeth

But beware the cobra that lies beneath

Though your flesh their fangs shall bore

it is the deadly venom whose rage stings more


Frosty wind brushes my face

Salty mist hinders my pace

The sky and ground are now one

The sky bright without the sun

I feel the ocean sway my ship

A secret name slips off my lip

I’ve been through heat and icy hail

But this journey I cannot fail

So this is why my soul shall sail

To find my love upon this trail


Standing proud in his shining armor of black

I tense as he prepares to go on the attack

This great Knight of pure justice and law

Seeks to trap me in his hidden hungry maw

But he has yet to witness the power of will

The power to win without the urge to kill

I will not be sealed into this old false order

For its crimes are worst than bloody murder

My will is too strong to have my soul stashed

So with my passion his shining armor is smashed.