The Silent Dirge

High above the valley, deep within the mountains;

There our souls are buried death shall never find them.

Long before birth we were bought and sold,

Chained in blood but owned by body and soul.

Never alone we bury, never alone we burn;

Never alone we ferry, never alone turn.

Never alone we cry, never alone we sleep;

Never alone we fly, Never into the deep.


Shaping The Mold

The sun has risen on my path again, a new journey has begun,

These rested hands cry out for my tools and my feet beg to run.

The stars dance as the clouds bow before my familiar gaze,

The breath of Earth spreads through the land and clears away the haze.

A new song has been sung from the lips of fate that draws me like a flame,

And now my tortured soul yearns for the birth of its true and final name.

My journeys before have forged my mind into a great and mighty tool,

But the trial that beckons for me now possesses its own secret rules.

So now that the mold is gone and my chains of rest have been sold,

It’s time to find my true self and bend the world so I can shape the mold.


Amidst the endless lines that bind the world  my eyes have been sealed

Chains forged by blazing pyramids in agony my soul has been  healed

Words drenched in riddles wash over truth cloaked in ancient lies

Ignorance and arrogance will lead to the guards ultimate demise

And when the ash and foam drift away with eternities bloody tide

The chrysalis will be over and a bright new age will march in pride


Split Open

Broken on the inside with pieces stuck to the bone

This shell is eternal, stubborn and hard like stone

The rays of light seek the path hidden within the scars

But the trek is futile for I am chained within mental bars

I seek the warden who hid the keys from my sullen eyes

As my shepherd  rains crimson rain from the golden skies

I hear the drops fall upon this retched and bloody cage

But only pain and confusion oozes from my unjust rage

As the cleansing drops seep into this fragile cocoon

I feel the light of grace raise my soul with the moon

And as this scarred cocoon is slowly soaked and lit

Now fed by grace I have the strength to make it split




Flakes of frozen heaven float to the ground

Each one precious and pure like a child’s dream

The wind whistles a song with a somber sound

As it freezes over the mountains clear stream

The people pray for the sun to heat the lands

As the false saints prey on their faith and love

The faithful sacrifice the blood from their hands

As they plead to their loving gods high above

The wolves in the shrine grin with dripping jaws

As the sheep give up their children with naive trust

Each one in their youth bound to lies and false laws

But soon the doors of the temple shall bend and rust

And the snow shall melt and wash away the ancient lies

And the faithful will be kept dry and safe from the diluge

But the thieves and wolves of the cloth shall suffer and die

As the innocent are freed from poverty and their false refuge.


Standing proud in his shining armor of black

I tense as he prepares to go on the attack

This great Knight of pure justice and law

Seeks to trap me in his hidden hungry maw

But he has yet to witness the power of will

The power to win without the urge to kill

I will not be sealed into this old false order

For its crimes are worst than bloody murder

My will is too strong to have my soul stashed

So with my passion his shining armor is smashed.


Is this mist or is it light within this place

I am moving but cannot control my pace

I feel nothing, nothing but true fullfilment

I care not for my past in this “happy” moment

What is this place of enigmatic eternity

A strange place between rage and serenity

There is no want or hunger in this space

as I awaken the truth my heart starts to race

Why must I leave this empty room of infinity

To be separated from the truth of my identity.


From deep within a voiceless cry,

Begging for help less a soul should die,

The heartless dark consumed my being,

Wrapping my heart in solitude’s dream.

Day by day the time does pass,

Stranding me here away from humanities grasp.

I long to be with my fellow man,

To break this spell that has been cast on me.

No person can I ever see,

Their being thus cloaked from me,

For eternity I must be,

Alone in solitude’s divine misery.

Shallows Of Albus

As I slowly float through this white and murky sea

I breath in my dreams and the bubbles of eternity

Above the waves I hear the roar and hungry bellows of war

And I felt the turbulence as they trod through the milky shore

My eyes watched as the sea slowly turned crimson red

And the depths increased its pressure as it filled with dread

I did not move nor did I flinch as the beast approached in greed

For I new this sea was mine and I had all that  I needed to succeed.

The Mask


You see the world in black and white,

I see the world in shades of grey.

Our two visions they coincide-

We view the world from left and right.

The way we see is of spotted lights,

The darkness stretching for miles between,

Yet we never cease to find our way,

With the aid of black and white made grey.