The Guard (The Saga Part three)

With many flights behind me fate called its guard

Its face was as empty as its ageless soul was scarred

In its hand were my insecurities as sharp as death

And I could feel death and despair from his breath

I drew my blade made from my endless faith and will

And reality tensed as we both stood deathly still

The ground shook as he began to walk with empty pride

And prepared myself for I knew there was no where to hide

This battle might be long and it might be impossible to win

But for me surrender hopelessness is the single greatest sin.


Truth (Power)

Fear Not the drums that beat and pound

But fear the shadow that leaves no sound

The bear may growl and the lion shall roar

But their wrath is true when they roar no more

The tiger may bare its hungry teeth

But beware the cobra that lies beneath

Though your flesh their fangs shall bore

it is the deadly venom whose rage stings more


Standing proud in his shining armor of black

I tense as he prepares to go on the attack

This great Knight of pure justice and law

Seeks to trap me in his hidden hungry maw

But he has yet to witness the power of will

The power to win without the urge to kill

I will not be sealed into this old false order

For its crimes are worst than bloody murder

My will is too strong to have my soul stashed

So with my passion his shining armor is smashed.

The Climb (The saga part 2)

As I slowly entered the spire made of time and will

I quickly prepared for death and prepared to kill

I knew my foe was not of blood, flesh and bone

But entities made of wills as hard as steel and stone

As finally began to move the shadows around me fled

I walked up the stairs prepared for the ordeal ahead

I never wavered as I commenced this mortal crime

I knew that the number is few for those who dared the climb

Broken Path

Through the thick mist of doubt and trust

we trod through dreams now turned to dust

Many have haven fallen to the blade of fear

they gave up and fell victim to its snare

They could not stand to bare the eyes of death

before it spoke they relinquished their breath

But here we stand in the midst of the aftermath

We will not fall or fear on this old and broken path.

Covered in Ashes

In the midst of the sleeping storm I feel life crawling into my pores,

the pain of thought causes boiling sweat to clean and heal my sores.

I remember how I gave up and cast my will aside to sloth and greed,

but deep within my dormant corpse my passion slept inside a seed.

Never again shall I submit to the whispers and songs of doubt and fear,

my strength lies in my passion, will and faith and I will hold them dear.

So I will gather strength from the lessons gained from the scars and lashes.

As I stand in the midst of the world soaked in my own victory covered in ashes.

Home in the Journey

On the long path to truth the heart seeks a place to rest,

for every being seeks a place for sanctuary be it cave or nest.

But what is a home to those of us who walk the path,

A place of rest and reflection or shelter from natures wrath?

In times of need the arms of nature can be a gift of fate,

we can quickly appreciate things we used to hate.

It is easy for the pilgrim to grow weary and weak,

but do not forget the path and the gift you seek.

When you follow your destiny, the path that you chose,

The universe will grant you food, shelter and clothes.


The Driven

Through fire and stone they move like a storm,

the great power they possess takes any form.

The fire that burns within their heart can never die,

from dust they build monoliths that reach the sky.

Through blood and soot they build their might,

they see the future through smoke and night.

never will they fail the destiny that they built,

they shrug off all shame, misery and guilt.

the future belongs to those who have been bidden,

those who have heard the call have all been driven.

What Is Your Will

Does the wind beckon your name?

Is your heart hungry for shining fame?

Can the chords of melody strengthen your soul?

Do hues and shapes of art beckon you to your goal?

Do the drums of war and battle make your eyes shine?

Does your mind cheer for the knowledge written on endless lines?

Is love your single and only desire?

Tell me, what fuels your wills fire?


The fog released its midnight shadow

All those who saw met the gallows

Its true form was seen as sin

they feared to let its image in

For they believe in there own words

and force the faith of those who heard

But now the fog has come again

and all their lies will finally end.