Hunger For A Heart

We all have a beast pounding in our chest

It seeks to devour our lives with love

It is an addiction we can’t resist

Granted to us from above

We thirst for the sun within the dark

Forever we hunger for our loves heart

Crying Dawn, Mourning Dusk

Hands mask tear stained scowl diffusing its sicken glare

The shudder of the hoary clouds are too grim to bear;

Never onceĀ  spared a pitied gaze or kind caress

Disoriented as pain beats within its rotten chest;

The new day brings the ring of old shame

A new face cannot hide an ancient name;

Where has time fled amidst our dreadful morn,

Why has death abandoned us with bitter scorn?

Feel The shiver of the sobbing suns pain

Drink the echo of the widowed moons wane;

Never again to rest in hands of theĀ  keeper

Never to sleep in the embrace of the reaper.



Within The Tunnles Clad In Iron

Hidden with the earths old bones they hide their fangs and claws,

Behind their wall of flesh and tears they fill their bloody maws.

Cloak by blood, shielded in bones they dine on stones from graves

They happily dig into their futures womb in search of holy slaves.

With scarred hands they mined the ore and shaped a mighty shield

Before its colossal might, every attempt of war trembles and yields.

Upon a land gained by will and kept through bloody fists

They dare the world and all its justice to take it from its midst.

Who has destiny chosen to sit upon her throne?

Only fate knows her mind and the rage within her bones.


Oasis and Melodies

Drops of rhapsody fell from the azure sky igniting the world,

The whispers of ocean caress the rage of the tempted earth,

Upon the parched sand we march with our bloody fists curled,

Amongst the lustrous forest we slumber in natures hearth.

The day has come and the night is dead,

Let us all stand in twilight’s stead.

Dirges Peak

Gone again into the wind

Gone again into melody

Gone again into the shimmer

Gone again into the tapestry.

The muse of death slumbers not

The sentry of life rests not

Then why must we falter?

Why must we stumble?

Stand with eternity

Run with infinity

Despair shall we never speak

Lest we be reminded of the dirges peak

Now soar into the storms iris

never to fear life nor death.










From Dry Bones

Scorched beneath the darkened sun left cracked and dry

Beaten by the starved sands tortured from the tearless sky

Buried by the shattered hopes of an army of broken souls

Bound by chains forged from countless tattered goals

Till a single speck of mist landed on the parched bones

And life was beckoned from the grim and dreary stones

Within the heart of the dusty corpse a grand oasis grew

And now the dreams old have meshed with hopes of new


Through the crimson banks of your veins

you send the liquid venom of your remains.

Deep in your souls streets it eternally rains

And the pain and euphoria leave their stains.

Your mind hungers for the morphine of life

and you are willing to fight with pen or knife

for you have been through peace and strife

and you no longer fear times hungry wife.

So tell me friend what is your muse or affliction

Is it your tool,shame,pride or is it your addiction.

Under Watch

The song of the wind is whispered through the air

And the kiss of the sun warms the land far and near

Celestial tears slowly drop into the hungry ocean

As dark angry storms disrupt its graceful motion

Far far away in lush emerald forests fluttering birds sing

As the sun sets before the shadowy night and its sliver king

The wise feathered elders patiently hoot as they await their prey

And a pack of ravenous wolves stalk silently in their coats of grey

High upon the mountains precious crystals descend upon the peaks

And down below silver fish swim within the brisk and clear creeks

All of nature dwells forever under the old and endless sky

Under the watch of its beautifully shining and lidless eyes.



Flakes of frozen heaven float to the ground

Each one precious and pure like a child’s dream

The wind whistles a song with a somber sound

As it freezes over the mountains clear stream

The people pray for the sun to heat the lands

As the false saints prey on their faith and love

The faithful sacrifice the blood from their hands

As they plead to their loving gods high above

The wolves in the shrine grin with dripping jaws

As the sheep give up their children with naive trust

Each one in their youth bound to lies and false laws

But soon the doors of the temple shall bend and rust

And the snow shall melt and wash away the ancient lies

And the faithful will be kept dry and safe from the diluge

But the thieves and wolves of the cloth shall suffer and die

As the innocent are freed from poverty and their false refuge.


The dust falls into the earth

aiding a new shining birth

silver ashes float on the breeze

and tears of confusion fill the sea

Memories linger eternally in the soul

Creating happy laughter while the thunder rolls

Deep within this spirit your souls song still plays

Never to be forgotten wherever your remnant lays.